Are you A real Twilight Fan?

This test is hard. And you will not have a good outcome unless you read all the books. AND you know each one in and out. Good luck, fans.

1 Who is Twilight Dedicated to
2 What is the Twilight saga based on?
3 In the BOOKS does Bella have A cell phone?
4 'Jacob black can give you presents?' Who said this quotes in Eclipse?
5 What is the Edward's Mothers Name?
6 In the Amzon Coven who has the supernatural talent?
7 What Did Edward want to give to Bella for her 18th birthday
8 First word Edward Every spoke to Bella.
9 Who did they hire first Robert Pattinson, Kirsten Stewart, or Taylor Launter
10 Last Question. This one is going to be very hard. Something you may not pick up from read once. What did the werewolves when they heard The cullens have left Bella
11 I lied this is now the last question. Who reminds Bella of jacob.
12 Trick question. What did I do wrong one question?