Young Weezzy Babby !
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Young Weezzy Babby !

How Well Do You Really Know Young Mulla Baby ?

1. What is this qoute from? , " now if you let me , you wont regret me , shit if you let me, you wont forget me , remember?, if you dont then ponder , hold up , pop pop , theres a reminder
2. Name this song , " & this is your wayne on drugs , i be running around getting high of love, to much will kill yuuu , i know thats right , but she got that crack and i got that pipe
3. Whats lil waynes real name
4. DD/MM/YYYY , the cash money was born in
5. Who is the cash moneys favourite person to calob with
6. Finish the lyric " like ou its going down in this bitch , like a boxer in the first round in this bitch ________?"
7. What year is this qoute from" i get paid every 24 hours , money in the power, come to vip and get a champagne shower, i dont have to worry because everything ours , plus i got a big bouque of mary janes flowers,"
8. name this song " that kush , swear thats my hommie but we dont smoke that reggie push,and i be with two woman make you take a second look
9. Last one , name the song " my reality is bigger then your dreams are , got your dream girl riding in your dream car, yeah , "