How well do you know Weezy's lyrics?

take this quiz and see if you truely love lil wayne!

1 Finish the Lyrics: Cuz ain't no one gon' do me better then i'ma do me, so so i'ma do me..
2 Finish the Lyrics: Down like she's supposed to be..
3 What song is this from: I can change ya life, make ya so new. Make ya never wanna go back to the old you
4 Finish the Lyrics: You cannot reach me on my samsung..
5 What song is this from: I got a condo in Miami and my doormat is always sandy, and I run Louisiana but I've never pulled a hammy..
6 What song is this from: I'm so lifted I walk on clouds, Please please please don't shoot me down..
7 Finish the Lyrics: I'm the truth, why would I lie?
8 What song is this from: Wait.. I don't think they heard me. I said dawg I got cake like everyday my Birthday