betcha can't get 100% =]
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betcha can't get 100% =]

see if you can manage.

1. if you could be a blade of grass, what color would you be?
2. quick! omg! a weird guy is holding a block of cheese to your head!! what do you do?!?
3. so you're sitting at the stoplight and suddenly this big truck pulls up in the lane next to you and loud gangsta rap is blaring from his windows. what do you do?
4. what do you think a squibblegabbel is?
5. okay, okay, here's a fairly normal one. what kind of music do you like?
6. what color is the sky in Candyland?
7. why DO I keep asking stuff about colors and music?
8. do you think you will get 100% on this quiz?
9. rawr?
10. who sells sea shells on the sea shore?
11. if an orange starburst is the letter X, what is the Wizard of Oz?