how well do you know Nicki minaj <3 by:LadieeSwag

Nicki minaj - the baddest bxtch in the qame. you think you know her ? proove it .

1 What is Nicki Minajs` REAL birth name
2 When is Nicki Minajs Birthdate ?
3 Who first signed Nicki Minaj ?
4 What was the Record Label that Nicki Minaj was FIRST signed too ?
5 Where was Nicki Minaj Discovered?
6 Where is nicki minaj from ? COME ON GUYS, SHE GOES HARD FOR THIS PLACE!
7 Nicki minaj calls herself ....
8 This line is from what song " I am running this shxt, i am so exhausted batter up bxtchs, but approach with caution"
9 What REMIX did nicki minaj say this is "now we could all qo to jerry sprinqer and you could put that rinq up on my middle finqer"
10 Nicki minajs first video (NOT ON TV) was ... ?
11 Nicki minaj apperead in her first TELEVISION aired music video, what was the song?