Match The Lyrics!

Match the lyrics to the artist who said them.

1 The things im willing to do to her i wish i could have a three sum with two of her...
2 You See The Whiskay got your girl feelin friskay you was wit may she said whos the sisay and even if she did wanna get busay and freaky like missay just keep it right there like chingay your girl dont like me how long has she been gay
3 So dont you get suspicious im big dangerous your just alittle vicious as i leave my competition respirator style climb the ladder to success escalator style hold ya breath i told ya big dont fold ya i spit phrases that will thrill you your nobody till somebody kills you
4 Like tommy lee and pamela im fucking on the camera more stamina then animals - is no amatuer
5 I hope you get the point im on a roll with this paper i hope you get the joint i hope you fired up i hope it burn slow i welcome chicks to my nest i let them birds knows and eagles fly alone so im about to take flight and throw it up like your girls dress on prom night
6 Them boys pussy born without a backbone and if you strapped we can trade like the dow jones run em up i hope he got his towel on i aim at the moon and get my howl on some niggas cry wolf im on that dry kush and when it comes to that paper i stack books
7 My two canons blast niggas ask niggas got me fucked up in the game get your shirt stained keep your five mics nigga give me the caine do the shit to clean my money dummies gleamed the wrist out cock the pistal nigga talk shit now