VERY Nerd Math Quiz.

This quiz is about Math. If you fail at math in school, this might be a pain in the ass for you. All the questions are extremly hard. Be prepared. Enough Said.

1 y = log x, y=10, then whats x?
2 10*9*8*7*6*5*4*3*2*1 = 10! Can this be true? Why or Why not?
3 If 1/2x +1/2(1/2x + 1/2(1/2x +1/2(1/2x + ... = y, then x=?
4 What place in this world can have their temperatures Fahrenheit and Celsius equal?
5 If x*x + 2x - 35 = 0, then x=?
6 The number of trees in a forest is 60 million in 1997 and increasing at a rate of 0.6 million trees per year. The total mass of wood in the entire forest at the start of 1997 is 7*10^1^0 kilograms. In 1997 the total mass was increasing at a rate of 4 \% per year. What is the average mass of a tree in 1997?
7 What is the total possibilities that you can arrange a 7x7x7 rubix cube in different ways without repeating?