How much SEX APPEAL do YOU have???

Find out how strong your pull is for members of the opposite sex... Are you irresistible to them?? Or must you wave your arms like a chicken just so they actually realise you are even there?? Find out what bracket you fall into - just by answering a few simple questions!

1 Where do purchase your clothes?
2 How much, if any, of the last decade have you been single?
3 How often do you visit the dentist?
4 Do you use much cosmetics, beauty products or deodorants?
5 Do you have confidence around others?
6 If an elderly neighbourhood woman tells you her kitty is stuck in a tree, you:
7 How do you feel about education?
8 If Snoopy asks you to 'pass the dizzle my nizzle' you would:
9 Which most closely describes your exercise routine?
10 This question measures the role of luck in your sex appeal. Pick whichever you are drawn to: