How Well Do You Know Hilltop Hoods

Questions will includ matching lyrics to songs and stuff about Hilltops

1 What year did Hilltop Hoods originate?
2 I do damage like a paralytic, paramedic with no anaesthetic, girls shake my hand, guys want to hug me it's a worry, if I forgot your name I'm sorry, you're probably pretty ugly
3 Hilltops started up their own record label in '08, what's the companies name?
4 How many albums have Hilltops made
5 Who is the DJ for Hilltop Hoods
6 Where did Pressure and Suff meet?
7 Fuck it one of us had too, though I'm not standing still like a statue, man I can tighten loops like a lasso, you see my blood runs blue like a cut up tattoo
8 When was Hilltops first album (A Matter of Time) released
9 How many records were released with Obese Records
10 Their most recent album (State of the Art) how long did it spend at top of the ARIA Charts?