How Well Do You Know Hilltop Hoods
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How Well Do You Know Hilltop Hoods

Questions will includ matching lyrics to songs and stuff about Hilltops

1. What year did Hilltop Hoods originate?
2. I do damage like a paralytic, paramedic with no anaesthetic, girls shake my hand, guys want to hug me it's a worry, if I forgot your name I'm sorry, you're probably pretty ugly
3. Hilltops started up their own record label in '08, what's the companies name?
4. How many albums have Hilltops made
5. Who is the DJ for Hilltop Hoods
6. Where did Pressure and Suff meet?
7. Fuck it one of us had too, though I'm not standing still like a statue, man I can tighten loops like a lasso, you see my blood runs blue like a cut up tattoo
8. When was Hilltops first album (A Matter of Time) released
9. How many records were released with Obese Records
10. Their most recent album (State of the Art) how long did it spend at top of the ARIA Charts?