The Are you a Retard? Quiz. V.1

IF you get UNDER 40% You're a retard because these questions are so simple even a 5 year old could ace it.

1 If: Y=1 And X+Y=2 , What does X=?
2 If: 1/1=1 then 3/3=1 BUT 3/3=0.99................................> What does this mean? :)
3 If: X=Y and Y=Z. Does .X=Z?
4 Do you think this quiz was a paramount indicator of the existence of an anomaly within your cranium which caused a dramatic malfunction in the power of your cerebral functions to analyse and process critical data in simple problems?
5 Chuck Norris had an army of 1073983 Retards charging him. He managed to slay 1000000 with his mega round house kicks and the the other 73982 he just looks at and they die from fear. But one person lives! Is that possible?