What Celebrity Are You?

what celebrity are you most like?

1 Do you have stagefright?
2 Do you like acting or singing?
3 What is your goal?
4 What is your favorite color?
5 What is your favorite subject in school?
6 what color eye do you have?
7 How many siblilngs do you have?
8 What is your first name start with?
9 What is the best word?
10 What instrument do you play?
11 What is your mood?
12 What is your favorite say of the week?
13 Favorite hobby?
14 What is your favorite animal?
15 Do you do your homework?
16 What do you do everyday after school?
17 Favorite candy?
18 Favorite type of gum?
19 whats your favorite fruit?
20 What are you most afraid of?