how likley are you to survive a zombie apocalypse?

so its happened, the thing that we all didnt think was possible but strangely and secretly wished to be so... ZOMBIES!!! there here, there quere, get used to it!!!! but seriously, its on. Its time to see if your prepared, because if your not, you could be munched... this quiz will tell.

1 om f'ing g, its happened! you'v gone downstairs to see one of your family members eating the others, you cry out in terror and they get up and bolt at you full speed, snarling and clawing at you as they do, the blood curdling animal like screams echoing thru out the house, you:
2 so, whats your next move?... (this may seem like a bit of a bland question, but its an important part of your psychiatric evaluation) bare in mind your family are dead... well they were dead, in a sense that they died... but...
3 your in your safehouse and zombies and burst in. shit. its only like 20, but none the less
4 oh no... your best friend has been bitten... but they came clean with you and didn't try to hide it, there only request is that you let them turn, then shoot them... what do you do?
5 your in a supermarket, its dark and the place reeks of blood, and fresh wounds... either way your needed food bad, and its here so you and your group split up to search the aisle, you hear some noises coming from one of the back offices... what do you do?
6 your on your own and a zombie is sprinting towards you screaming inhumanly, blood spurting forth from its semi disfigured face, luckily though, you have your tryst magnum...
7 shotty or pistol
8 you need a vehicle... theres 2 of you, what do you choose, seeing as the person yor with can hotwire anything, ever.
9 ur wandering, ur tired and exhausted, and u need sleep, what seems like a logical place to sleep
10 your wounded, not bitten, but its enough to hinder your travels what do you do?
11 finally, what is ur ultimate plan?