The Fart Quiz

You find yourself in a situation, surrounded by people or in a public place and you feel the demons ready to release. This quiz will determine your personality by your farting behaviour. 100% scientifically accurate in studies of human behaviour.

1 You are in a library and it's extremely quiet. An old woman is right next to you searching for a book and you feel the demons churning within. What do you do?
2 You are on a date with a girl/boy for the first time and things are going well. He/she is laughing at your jokes and you feel very comfortable with the person. But oh no... the demons are back!! Do you
3 You are with your friends, just hanging out playing the playstation and some gaseous elements are on the horizon. What do you do?
4 You are lying in bed and you can feelt it coming. You almost predict it like a fortune teller. Yes.. the farts are coming.
5 You find yourself in a crowded place. There's lots of people talking and so it's quite noisy and the demons decide to strike. What course of action do you take?