How Well Do You Know James Bond

Im bond mad since I was teen in 63? Even visited some locations. Hope these Questions and answers will surprise you!:)

1 In Which Film Did Pierce Brosnans (deceased) real life partner Appear in?
2 Francisco Scaramanga had an unusual physical attribute, was it?
3 What was the name of Ian Flemings Home in Jaimaca
4 Is The Producer "Cubby Broccoli" associated with the vegetable called broccoli?
5 In Moonraker Bond visits "Vinnini Glass", Is this A Real Glass Maker?
6 In Moonraker Hugo Drax uses What Plant To make His Nerve Agent?
7 Vladek Sheybal Starred in "Puppet on a Chain", Which early bond film was he in?
8 What Boat manufacturer provided the speed boats in Live & let Die?
9 What Was Bond Poisened with in "Casino Royale?
10 Which Of These People Worked For SPECTRE?
11 Which Group sang the Theme of "View To A Kill"?
12 Which Flim Does Bond Say "Theres A Fly In his Soup"?
13 Is the Big Wheel Seen In Vienna in "Living daylights" A Prop?
14 Jonathan Pryce Starred in "Pirates Off the Caribbean". But Which Bond film was he In
15 Who Played Stromburg In "The spy Who Loved me"?
16 Which Films Did "Jaws" Appear in?
17 Who Sang the Title track For "The man With The Golden Gun?
18 Which two Bond ladies have been named a "dame"
19 Mayday was a Character In Which Film?
20 What was the name of the Stradivaruis Chello Played by kara Milovy
21 What is the name of the gun Bond has to turn in for a walther PPK?
22 How many Questions Did You look up on the net , Honest Answer?