The Ultimate Zombie Survival Quiz

Test your knowledge of zombies and survival techniques, would you survive?

1 Where is the best location to hold out in a class 1 or 2 outbreak?
2 Your under attack from zombies, what is the best means of survival?
3 How do you kill a zombie?
4 How long (on average) does it take to become completly zombified?
5 When Choosing weapons which of these is the best choice?
6 Zombies are alerted by?
7 Zombies feed to survive, true or false?
8 How long can zombies last before fully decomposing? (presuming that weather conditions are mild)
9 A class 4 outbreak is known as?
10 Zombism is caused by?
11 The best source for zombie survival information is?
12 The first signs of a zombie outbreak are:
13 Which Melee Weapon is the best?
14 When trying to move from location to location, which is the safest method of travel
15 The Most Dangerous Terrain to travel through is?