how well do you know amandacunnninghamm? take it(=

Areeeyou realllly my bfffffl? get 100% if you areee.

1 who is my favorite superhero?
2 my favorite color.
3 my favorite sport (come on, this is a free point!)
4 whatt do i do mostlyy?
5 how would i say QuizBone?
6 favv. showw??
7 how goood is our friendship. no right answer, answer honestly. (this is YOU speaking not amanda!)
8 what nights do i NOT need to take my shot every week if i dont forget?
9 what inside joke would i most likely make up?
10 WHAT IS ONE OF THE funniest times i had?
11 myy favorite scoutsss. coookies!
12 whos homeroom am i in AND which do i like better: cookie dough or brownie mix? AND where did my car go during visitations? (= HARDD!