Do you suck? Probably!!!

Well basically if your taking this quiz you SUCK so don't bother finishing in less you want to, than you really suck but please take this quiz anyway just so you and your friends can argue over who sucks the least.

1 Do you think you suck?
2 Which sport do you play
3 Do you have a boy/girlfriend
4 How many friends do you have
5 What is your favorite food
6 Do you do chores around the house
7 Faverite Number
8 What is your favorite type of movie
9 How many party's and/or get together's do you have with your friends a year
10 This question is random or is it
11 What is your faverite colour
12 (I'm) 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 (Awsome)
13 Are you awsome?