How well do you know Kanye lyrics?

Take this quiz to test your knowledge of Kanye West lyrics and songs

1 What song is this from? "She's gotta ass that'll swallow up a G-string and up top uh, two beast things" ?
2 Finish the lyrics : Like we always do at this time, I got to shine, Now ______________
3 Finish the lyrics: You see that hate that they servin on a platter, so what we gon have? ___________
4 Name the song: "I mean after all the things that we bin through, I mean after all the things we got into, Hey Yo, I know theres some things that you aint told me, Hey yo I did some things _______________
5 Finish the lyrics: I dont know if you got a man or not, If you made plans or not, If God put me in ya plans or not, I'm trippin, _________________