How Well Do You Know Zachery Chambers?

How well do you know me? this quiz was intended for steph but..... if any1 else wants to take it feel free

1 When is my birthday?
2 What color are my eyes?
3 Which Flavor Pie Is My FAVORITE!?!?!?
4 Do i have a six pack abs?
5 What sport do i plan on playing?
6 Where is my bed in my room right when you walk thru the door?
7 Have i ever been in a fight?
8 what did i get steph for christmas last year?
9 Have i ever had braces?
10 have i ever played a musical instrument?
11 Did i take french?
12 an i comfortable with my body image?
13 how is my middle name spelt?
14 how much do i love my gf?
15 when did me and steph start dating?