How Well Do You Know Zachery Chambers?
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How Well Do You Know Zachery Chambers?

How well do you know me? this quiz was intended for steph but..... if any1 else wants to take it feel free

1. When is my birthday?
2. What color are my eyes?
3. Which Flavor Pie Is My FAVORITE!?!?!?
4. Do i have a six pack abs?
5. What sport do i plan on playing?
6. Where is my bed in my room right when you walk thru the door?
7. Have i ever been in a fight?
8. what did i get steph for christmas last year?
9. Have i ever had braces?
10. have i ever played a musical instrument?
11. Did i take french?
12. an i comfortable with my body image?
13. how is my middle name spelt?
14. how much do i love my gf?
15. when did me and steph start dating?