How dumb are you really?

Take these questions to see just how dumb you really are....?

1 Why did the Chicken cross the road
2 A farmer has 20 sheep, all but 15 die, how many are left?
3 Which side is you're left hand on when looking at you're mirror image?
4 How do you know that you're breathing right now at this very moment and how do you know your eyes are actually reading this right now?
5 Do you like answering these questions right now?
6 A plane crashes on the United States - Canada border. Where are the survivors buried?
7 Cat is to Dog a Snake is to...
8 Without looking, what is the second question that you answered?
9 An electric train is moving north at 100kph and a wind is blowing to the west at 10kph. Which way does the smoke blow?