How well do you know me?

You think you know me so well, lets see!! =D <3

1 What is my middle name?
2 My Age???
3 What color do i prefer??
4 What kind of car, color and all, do i have? haha
5 What's nationality am i most of?
6 Where did i graduate from?
7 Do i wear glassessss?
8 How many peircings do i have, literally?
9 What are my kittys names?
10 What color are my eyes?
11 How tall am i? **Estimated lolol
12 What flavor do i like the bestttttttttt?
13 Do i smoke?
15 Whats my cell phone lookin like?
16 Who do i consider my favorite females?
17 Whats My Cell Number? haha
18 Why the F did i make this quiz???????