How well do you know MIKE Mcdougall?
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How well do you know MIKE Mcdougall?

how well do you know mike mcdougall the coolist person alive?

1. Where was i born?
2. Where did i go to middle school?
3. What do i want for Christmas?
4. What High school did i go to?
5. Whats my favorite thing to drink?
6. My favorite superheroe
7. My favorite book
8. What is my favorite car manufacturer?
9. My Favorite Game systom
10. Favorite food place
11. My favorite tv shoe
12. What is my second favorite movie?
13. How many brothers do i have?
14. How many times have i been pulled over by the police in the past 6 months?
15. Whats my favorite color?
16. Favorite Rapper
17. And last but not lest who is my favorite person?