How Well Do You Know Fabolous' Lyrics?
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How Well Do You Know Fabolous' Lyrics?

Lets see how well you know Fab.

1. What Song Is This From? "I could hold my head high and die or I could live and duck"
2. What Song? "Bentley waiting by the curb, i spur it out, doors dont open themselves the chouffer get out"
3. What Song? "We dont play no games but it sound like call of duty when we let that P90 go"
4. Song? "Sorry baby girl, I tried the best I could, If i cant be in the streets I guess heavens just as good"
5. "Met her uptown in Dykeman, iight then, light skin, starring with a slight grin"
6. A true Fab fan will know this.
7. His Last Album?
8. "I'm not that little pregnant white girl but Juno"
9. What Song Was About Him And His Dad?
10. "So daddy need money, Mommy need new true-e's, Baby need shoes preferable the new louis"