How Well Do You Know Fabolous' Lyrics?

Lets see how well you know Fab.

1 What Song Is This From? "I could hold my head high and die or I could live and duck"
2 What Song? "Bentley waiting by the curb, i spur it out, doors dont open themselves the chouffer get out"
3 What Song? "We dont play no games but it sound like call of duty when we let that P90 go"
4 Song? "Sorry baby girl, I tried the best I could, If i cant be in the streets I guess heavens just as good"
5 "Met her uptown in Dykeman, iight then, light skin, starring with a slight grin"
6 A true Fab fan will know this.
7 His Last Album?
8 "I'm not that little pregnant white girl but Juno"
9 What Song Was About Him And His Dad?
10 "So daddy need money, Mommy need new true-e's, Baby need shoes preferable the new louis"