How well do you know Anosha Khawaja?
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How well do you know Anosha Khawaja?

if yu fail this..omq yu call yurself my frend?? lol

1. Let's start out easy. What's my favorite color?
2. What am i most obssesed with?
3. Who do i like better? Nick or Joe Jonas?
4. Do i talk to myself ?
5. what do i like (order from most to least)
6. How tall am i ?
7. How much do you THINK i weigh?
8. whats my worst habit?
10. How many people do i like like at the current time?
11. wud i pick werewolfs over vampires?
12. true / false . I have one cavity .
13. if i saw a UGLY cat starving on the other side of the road while walking, what would i do?
14. someone from school that i HATE asked for desperate help in a project. I ..
15. okayy. everyone should know this . WHENS MY BiRTHDAY
16. in my opinion, elmo is ....
17. whats my bro's name?
18. did i ever break my leg?
19. did i ever break my arm?
20. did i ever kill an animal ?
21. was i ever homeschooled?
22. okay bye ..