Joe's Epic Life Quiz

A quiz about the complete series "Joe's Epic Life" which consists of 4 mini series of Joe's life... How much do you know??? Take the Quiz now!!!

1 What is the name of the first series of "Joe's Epic Life"?
2 What is the name of Joe's best friend and rival?
3 Who admits their feelings for Joe in the special movie for the prequel of Joe the Paladin's Excellent Adventure"?
4 What is the name of the 5th Joe the Paladin movie?
5 The main character's name of the series "Joe" is not his real name. What was his real name before he changed it?
6 In Devil Hunter J, Joe eventually meets a fairy, and decides that he should take her in as a familiar. What was the fairy's name?
7 In "Joe the Swordmaster's Crazy Adventure", what was the name of the "Calm, stoic, tea-serving battle android of Lithia" in ep 7?
8 In DragonEye Joe, who did Joe see get "Hurt" by Morphs which made him go berserk and kill the remaining Morphs?
9 In the later episodes of "Joe the Paladin's Excellant Adventure", Joe begins playing Blitzball again. What was his signature move?
10 What was the name of the girl Joe was assigned to look for in the "Devil Hunter J" movie, "The Devils will Cry Tonight"?