How well do you know Amber Mayette-Draper

basically I just did this bc mike did and i bet most people will fail...

1 We shall start basic...What's my favorite color?
2 How many siblings do I have?
3 What's my FAVORITE type of music?
4 Where was I born
5 Who is my favorite artist?
6 Who am I dating? (hint: it is a male and hes my fav person ever!)
7 What political party do I support the most?
8 What's my all time favorite food?
9 I work at?
10 Where do I want to travel to?
11 What are two of my favorite past times when not hanging out with my friends?
12 Am I an awesome person?
13 How many piercings do I have?
14 What two colors have I diyed the streak in my hair?