How Much Do you know abt Yonex Badminton ?
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How Much Do you know abt Yonex Badminton ?

Just for the Yonex Badminton product Fans !

1. Bonus Question... What is Yonex name before the current one ?
2. What is the Racquet that most expensive in Yonex ?
3. What is the incoming new racquet that will debut ?
4. What is the weight of Armortec-900 Power? (in 3U stadard)
5. What is the technology that used in Yonex Clothing? (actual tech. )
6. What is the latest Yonex Stringing Machine ?
7. Which following type of string that is most durable?
8. Which of the following is the current advisory staff of Yonex ?
9. Which model of Yonex grip is "SUPER GRAP(overgrip)" ?
10. Which model is designed for Lin Dan
11. Which model of shoe that currently Lee Chong Wei wearing?
12. What is the latest technology in Yonex racquet ?
13. What type of technology was used in NANOSPEED 9000 ?