What type of person are you?

-=Viewers Descretion is Advised!=- In this quiz,you'll be finding out what kind of person are you. and see what is the REAL you. Well i'm not the one taking this quiz..

1 What do you do on a Sunny Day?
2 What do you do when someone tries to rob you.
3 What do you do when your infront of a computer.
4 How many times you got Detention at School
5 If Zombies were taking over the world,and you are surrounded who would you take to escape?
6 Your Currently watching a movie,what are you doing?
7 What kind of Music Genre do you like?
8 If you were playing Counter Strike,and you happened to kill a Veteran Player,what would you say?
9 How would you want to Prank your friends on the internet?
10 What do you want to be,when you grow up?