What type of person are you?
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What type of person are you?

-=Viewers Descretion is Advised!=- In this quiz,you'll be finding out what kind of person are you. and see what is the REAL you. Well i'm not the one taking this quiz..

1. What do you do on a Sunny Day?
2. What do you do when someone tries to rob you.
3. What do you do when your infront of a computer.
4. How many times you got Detention at School
5. If Zombies were taking over the world,and you are surrounded who would you take to escape?
6. Your Currently watching a movie,what are you doing?
7. What kind of Music Genre do you like?
8. If you were playing Counter Strike,and you happened to kill a Veteran Player,what would you say?
9. How would you want to Prank your friends on the internet?
10. What do you want to be,when you grow up?