Are you different from everybody else

My quiz is about whether you are the same as everyone else or are you different, because know one wants to be like everyone else so this quiz can tell you if you are different or the same. Each question you answer will tell us whetther your like someone else or your own person.

1 do you like the same colour as others?
2 do you have the same clothes as others?
3 are you poor or rich like others?
4 how do you describe yourself funny or boring like others?
5 if your friend bought some shoes and you liked them would you buy a similar pair?
6 would you say you are clever or not so clever like others?
7 which colour do you prefere?
8 if your friend had a boyfriend would you want one?
9 do you copy your friend at anything?
10 if your friend did a sport would you want to do the same?