How Well Do You know Margo?
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How Well Do You know Margo?

Are you my friend, Family member? Do you think you know me..? We'll see!

1. Let get this one out of the way! What is my middle name?
2. What is my favorite animal?
3. What School do I go to?
4. Who are the people in my family? (not including me...or my dog)
5. What is my favorite color?
6. What sports have I played through school?
7. When is my birthday?
8. What size ring do i wear?
9. What is my cell phone number?
10. How tall am i?
11. How many dogs do i have?
12. Do I wear Gold or Silver?
13. What is my favorite thing to drink out of the following?
14. What is my favorite accessorie in the cold?
15. Do you love me?