How smart are you?

This quiz will show you how smart you are!

1 If I eat 5 apples and 2 pears a day how many do I eat in 43 days?
2 I have a coconut I crack it open what do I have?
3 If I'm a strawberry what am I when I get squshed?
4 If you eat a can of baked beans what do you get?
5 Can a russian doll be an only child?
6 What do you call a rusty draw?
7 Empty Question?
8 If there are 4 of them and 4 of us how many of us is there?
9 I have a pet snake and a pet mouse they share a cage how many pets do I have after 2 days?
10 I wear 2 pairs of shoes, how many feet do I have?