World's Hardest Quiz

Trust me, to get 100% in this quiz you must be a brain box and future Mensa candicate but don't take my word for it give it a go.

1 Which of these animals have the largest brain?
2 Who wrote the book the children book 'Artemis Fowl'?
3 Where did Archimedes live?
4 Which of these plants contains asprin?
5 What is the name of the song composed by King Henry 8th of England?
6 In Snooker who recorded the fastest 147 break in history?
7 In what year was the Berlin Wall brought down?
8 The drink 'Pink Gin' consists of gin and a dash of what other drink?
9 Which of these animals have been known to kill a Great White Shark?
10 What is the name of 'New Amsterdam' today?
11 Which period of time is not included in the Middle Ages?
12 Botanically speaking what is a Strawberry classed as?
13 Which English Football team was involved in the Munich Air Disaster?
14 What is the fastest Living creature on Earth?
15 Who wrote the book 'Reality Dysfunction'?