which member of CLW are you?

find out who u are similar to from the former group called CLW.

1 wat kind of person r u?
2 ur mates in truble at a party, wat do u do?
3 how do u look most of the time?
4 at a party u?
5 sum1 is starin at u? wat happens next?
6 theres a fone on the chair next to u... you?
7 ur mate asks u for a ciggie?
8 favorite musikk?
9 u see a hot girl u?
10 cars?
11 how tall r u?
12 build?
13 who do u hang out wif usually?
14 how may mates do u hav?
15 hav u ever been to the street?
16 how often a weekdo u kik bak at the street?
17 hav u herd of clw b4 this quiz?
18 highpoint?
19 how many fyts u been in?
20 who is oouto?