How Long would you last in a Room with Ben Bell?

If you were stuck in a room with Ben Bell, you have to understand how he works to survive! Do this quiz to find out how long you would be a sane human being and not an insane human pulp!

1 What does Ben Bell want to do to the Periodic Table?
2 When Ben Bell does Press Ups... What actually happens?
3 What happens when Ben Bell sneezes?
4 If you have £5 and Ben Bell has £5 can Ben Bell afford something costing £10?
5 Why does Ben Bell wear sunglasses out in public?
6 How could Ben Bell cure the world of all diseases?
7 When you go to bed at night what do you look out for?
8 Are you....
9 Which of the following do you prefer?
10 Who does the bogey man, Bin Laden, Batman and Andrews Mum look under the bed for before going to sleep?