Will you survive the Zombie Apocalypse?
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Will you survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

Find out if you will be a survivor or a walking dead.....

1. You see on the news that the dead are walking and they urge you to lock your doors and arm yourselves...... and you?
2. You hear your backdoor window shatter and a car screech to a hault out front of your house..... and you?
3. you are forced to flee your house because its overrun with zombies........ so you?
4. You found a sort of safe place to hold up for a bit and met up with a few friends who have made it this far as well..... so you?
5. Your group is on the run from a pack of zombies ( zombies can not run ) you and a few others have firearms.... so you?
6. You and your group are making a run for the gun store your the groups leader..... you decide to?
7. a huge wave of zombies is on your ass and you are heading into the commercial area of the city.... so you head to the?