How well of an equestrian are you?

This quiz will tell you how well you are at riding and the basic knowledge.

1 Easy: For an average horse, how many strides will he/she do in a simple, normal line of 2 verticals?
2 Medium: Lets say you have a barn stormer. You try never letting her see the barn, shut the gate, take a different way to the arena, everthing! What is a reasonable and efficient way to at least lessen the anxiety of wanting to go to the barn?
3 Medium: Your horse is heading for a line of two 2'3" verticals. They are easy for your horse, but you can just feel that something isn't right. Now you get it! He;s straying away from the jump! If you don't act quick, he could surprise you or do a drive-by. What do you think you should do?
4 Medium: Oh. No. It's Finals. The REAL. DEAL. You are going into the ring for your first course. It's big and scary in there. Your horse feels your nervousness. You try to relax, but are unable to. What can you do? Answer truthfully on what you would do in reality. Please say what you would be able to do, not what you would want to do.
5 Easy: If a horse has white all around its legs up to its knees, what is it called?
6 Easy: What is the PROPER way to groom a horse? Doesn't have to be EXACTLY right, but you should be pretty close.