Do you know me?

for everyone that knows me or thinks they do!!!!

1 My favorite color?
2 My dog's name?
3 If i had 10,000$ what would i do with it?
4 Title of the book i am writing?
5 my favorite word out of the following...
6 my fav song?
7 My view on love?
8 My eye color?
9 What is my definition of team?
10 Do i love animals...? If yes which is my favorite?
11 hair up or down mostly?
12 My fav subject in school?
13 "For richer or for poor?"
14 Fav season? and why...?
15 Which of the following is something i would do?
16 fav sport?
17 When i look in the mirror what do you think i see?
18 Do i care what people think?
19 Thougthful or thoughtless?
20 Is this quiz annoying?
21 Final question: Ideal job?