How will you do in a zombie apocalypse?
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How will you do in a zombie apocalypse?

See what will happen to you in a Zombie apocalypse.

1. What would be your primary weapon, the one you carry at all times?
2. What supplies do you bring?
3. Where do you make your base?
4. How many people do you travel with?
5. You see sombody battling off a horde of zombies. What do you do?
6. You and your group enter an abandoned house scavaging for supplies, and you see zombies in the house. A formidible amount of them. What do you do?
7. You and some others are getting chased by a horde of zombies. They all sprint in to a building, lock the doors, and leave you for dead. You have 10 rounds left for your pistol. What do you do?