How well do you know Danielle Profaci? :D
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How well do you know Danielle Profaci? :D

How well do you know me?!

1. Where can you will ALWAYS find me?
2. How many dogs so i HAVE ?
3. What is my MOST used word out of the following ?
4. What School do I attend ?
5. What food can i LIVE on?
6. What am i MOST obsessed with?
7. What is my nickname almost everyone calls me?
8. What saying do I believe in the MOST ?
9. What word BEST describes my personality ?
10. Whats my FAVORITE color ?
11. What's the last 4 digits of my phone number ?
12. I AMMMM....
13. My middle name IS ... ?
14. Who is my IDOL ?
15. The car i'm getting in June 2010 IS..... ?
16. True or False? I prefer meat over veggies ...
17. True or False ? A curse word always appears in my sentences .
18. True or False ? I get EVERYTHING I want.