How Much Do You Care?

This quiz is designed to showcase just how much you are about people, places, events, and things in general. For each sample question, choose the answer that most closely approximates your emotional response.

1 Your Sister calls to tell you she's pregnant. You:
2 You've just found out your Grand-Aunt has suddenly passed away. You:
3 A Child is lost in the mall, crying for its Mother. You:
4 Your Work is having a blood drive. You:
5 It's a co-worker's birthday, and she's planning a dinner for everyone to celebrate. You:
6 An Ex of yours loses a limb in a freak Mountain-Climbing accident. You:
7 Your Mother is questioning Jesus and his stance on Quitters. You tell her:
8 You're having repeated vivid dreams of a ramshackle, run-down house in Cleveland. You:
9 It's Friday Night. You:
10 Your Best Friend tells you they're getting married. You: