What High School Musical Character are you?

Which one of these triple-threat kids are you most like? So are you a flamboyant yes-man like Ryan or an under-cover-nerd like Gabriella? Maybe you have a few ego issues like Sharpay or a few dad issues like Troy? Whatever the case, this quiz will unlock your inner High School Musical character. Take the quiz now to find out which one you're most like!

1 What is your favourite class?
2 How would your friends describe you?
3 What would you like to be for Halloween?
4 Whats the best way to get over a broken heart?
5 Open up dig way down deep... What is your worst flaw?
6 What's your favorite High School Musical song?
7 If you could go on a date with any High School Musical character who would it be?
8 What does your locker look like?
9 What's one thing you can't live without?