How much do you know about practical first aid?

Some of the simple stuff about first aid that everyone should know

1 A boy comes in from outside in the snow, his hands are purple and shaking from cold, what do you tell him to do?
2 A girl accidently burns her arm but it's only a 1st degree burn, what do you do or have her do?
3 An older gentleman has signs of a heart attack, you approach him about it and he denies the symptoms. What do you do?
4 A young child falls and gets a cut on her leg, what do you do?
5 A young man running past you trips and holds his ankle, upon inquiry you learn that he sprained it, what do you do?
6 A woman eating at a table near you starts to choke, she is able to speak a little, what do you do?
7 An elderly lady at the park falls over and goes into seizures, you...?