How well do you REALLY know Lil Wayne's Lyrics..

The other quizzes on here about Weezy SUCK. This ones for the TRUE lil wayne fans. How well do you know the best rapper alive?!

1 Finish these lyrics - " I'm just here to play my part,"
2 "& most of the girls that come by are cute,& they try to holla but they all on mute" .. what song is this from?
3 " Sorry for the trouble I put you and your heart through..."
4 " Ok I'm weezy baby & i am from tha south where we call all our woman babayyy " What song is this?
5 He rap, He Sang, He Do His Thang..
6 " & My lil girl whole family wanna lie in court, tryna put me, a child, on child support "
7 Which of the following songs is NOT on the Carter 3?