Bet u don't noe abt me???
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Bet u don't noe abt me???

pple say m impossible 2 understand..n m proving it rite!!!

1. wich of da following is mah fave dish!!
2. in wich klass i woz suffering 4rom typhoid n malria??
3. who is mah x-best friend??
4. i woz born in wich city..
5. at wat tym i woz born??
6. am i da eldest in dis family generation
7. wich is mah fave song..
8. wat i aspire 2 b..
9. wich of da following pair of name..m called in da house??
10. on wich date i woz supposed 2 b born..
11. wat i intend 2 c..
12. m i famous in skul,,