How Well Do You Know Marc Miller

This will test your skills on how well you know me, if you get 100% then wow. Although, i expect it from most people.

1 Who is my God?
2 What musical devices do i play?
3 In the years 2006 - 2007 what type of guitar did i own?
4 Whats my favorite Album of all time?
5 Whos my favoite classical composer ( only the die hards know this one) haha
6 Whats my favorite thing besides music?
7 What type of shoes do i generally where for the past 2 years?
8 Who is my favorite Artist? (their all good, but i have a solid fav)
9 What Grade School did i attend?
10 What school do i go to currently?
11 Whats my favorite band?
12 What word did me and Sam Mysels make up in 10th grade?
13 Who is my favorite bassist?
14 What am i usally wearing?
15 who is my favorite person out of this list?
16 What type of car do i own? LAST ONE