How well do you know Prema Saha?

Do you think that u know Prema Saha well enough? Guess again! take the hardest qiuz in the world that i garrentee that you will never get 100% on!!!

1 When is Prema's Birthday?
2 What is Prema's Favorite color?
3 What is Prema's favorite TV show?
4 Who is Prema's trainer?
5 Who does she like?
6 Who does she hate the MOST?(all of these answers are correct)
7 In which resturant does she go to eat with her friend EVRY afternoon?
8 What's her favorite number?(yeah i know that this question is gay but i couldn't com up with any thing else)
9 In Prema's point of view,on a scale from 1-10, how much does she think that Manpreet is gay?
10 How cool is Prema?