How well do you know Prema Saha?
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How well do you know Prema Saha?

Do you think that u know Prema Saha well enough? Guess again! take the hardest qiuz in the world that i garrentee that you will never get 100% on!!!

1. When is Prema's Birthday?
2. What is Prema's Favorite color?
3. What is Prema's favorite TV show?
4. Who is Prema's trainer?
5. Who does she like?
6. Who does she hate the MOST?(all of these answers are correct)
7. In which resturant does she go to eat with her friend EVRY afternoon?
8. What's her favorite number?(yeah i know that this question is gay but i couldn't com up with any thing else)
9. In Prema's point of view,on a scale from 1-10, how much does she think that Manpreet is gay?
10. How cool is Prema?