How Much Do You Know About Football?
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How Much Do You Know About Football?

This is a tough quiz about football.

1. Name Five England World Cup Hopefuls. (The least well known get more points.) Please use full names.
2. Which team has been banned from signing players until January 2010?
3. Who was top scorer at Euro 2008? If you get Qualifying top scorer right then you get half the marks.
4. Who was the top scorer at the 2006 World Cup? You do not get points for QUalifying top scorer.
5. Who currently holds the record for the most expensive player ever to be transfered. Will take former holders.
6. Who did England lose against to miss out on Qualifying for Euro 2008. They lost 2-3.
7. How many goals did Cristiano Ronaldo score in the 2007/2008 Season?
8. Who is the current England Captain? Less points for vice/backup Captains.
9. This is the hardest question. Which Brazilian scored 929 Goals in competitive football?
10. Who scored 1000 Goals in competitive football?