How Much Do You Know About Football?

This is a tough quiz about football.

1 Name Five England World Cup Hopefuls. (The least well known get more points.) Please use full names.
2 Which team has been banned from signing players until January 2010?
3 Who was top scorer at Euro 2008? If you get Qualifying top scorer right then you get half the marks.
4 Who was the top scorer at the 2006 World Cup? You do not get points for QUalifying top scorer.
5 Who currently holds the record for the most expensive player ever to be transfered. Will take former holders.
6 Who did England lose against to miss out on Qualifying for Euro 2008. They lost 2-3.
7 How many goals did Cristiano Ronaldo score in the 2007/2008 Season?
8 Who is the current England Captain? Less points for vice/backup Captains.
9 This is the hardest question. Which Brazilian scored 929 Goals in competitive football?
10 Who scored 1000 Goals in competitive football?