How well do you know John Byrne?

The best quiz ever :D

1 Whats my first name according to most groups and bodies?
2 What star sign am I?
3 Which one of these is not a colour my hair has been dyed?
4 How many serious relationships would I consider myself to have been in?
5 What is my favourite alcoholic drink?
6 What is my biggest fear?
7 Which of the following jobs was i NEVER employed for?
8 What do I currently work as?
9 What's my favourite colour range?
10 What subjects am I currently studying in College?
11 What religion am I officially? (Last census form)
12 Whats my favourite live performance that I've attended?
13 Whats my favourite hair colour on girls?
14 What's my favourite place in the world so far?
15 Where do I live in in Maynooth?
16 What is my favourite type of food?
17 Whats my favourite shoe brand?
18 What is my shoe size? (UK)
19 Am I left handed or right handed?
20 How many siblings do I have?
21 What brand of cigarettes do I smoke?
22 Favourite form of art currently?
23 Which one of these is NOT a favourite film of mine?
24 What height am I?
25 What's my eye colour?