How Smart Actaully Are You?

If you get 100% on this quiz, you also have great common sense.

1 When did the war of 1812 begin?
2 So a plane crashes between the boarders of Canada and The United States, about 50% of the people on the plane are italian, and the others are unknown. The 747 was going about 600mp/h. Since a proper burial should take place, where do you bury the survivors?
3 What words are most common on a the united states of america dollar bill?
4 Does God Exist?
5 Under ordinary conditions, what direction does water drain from a sink in the Northern Hemisphere?
6 You're driving a bus. The bus has eight people to begin with. You pick up 8 people and drop off 2 people at Brimmington. You pick up 1 person and drop off 9 people at Newport. You pick up 1,194 people and drop off 837 people at Knoxville. What is the driver's name?
7 What organ is blood filtered through?
8 True Or False: Australia is a consenant
9 Under normal conditions, what temperature (in Celsius) does water boil?
10 There are 10 cards and you take 7 away, how many cards are you left with?
11 I did ___ on my quiz.
12 The titles “psychologist” and “psychiatrist” refer to the same profession
13 When we sleep, the brain sleeps as well.
14 If someone kiled themselves once, there is a much smaller chance that they will try again.
15 A person’s intelligence is partially determined by brain size.
16 John the dime had two babies. One was a penny and one was a nickel. The nickel was named Nicole. The penny was named Penny. What was the dime's name?