What character are you from my book series?
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What character are you from my book series?

See who you are! :D

1. You see a poor, sick looking woman swiping some bread from the bakery, what do you do?
2. There's a party at the neighbor's house and you're invited! What do you think of this?
3. You've been run out of town for deliquency, what now?
4. Battle is upon you and you are shown to the armory, choose your weapon.
5. How do you like to fight?
6. You're offered a position of power in your community. How do you respond?
7. What's your personality? (Choose the closest listed!)
8. You've just been insulted at the local tavern!! What do you do?
9. What animal do you think best suits you?
10. How do you fit into your group of friends?